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Certified Document Translation Services

Providing high-quality translation certified by all ministries and embassies in the State of Kuwait for official documents including legal, medical, economic, academic and technical fields by our language experts ensuring giving the meaning of the original texts


Etqan Translation Co. provides long-experienced interpreters in all languages for consecutive and at-sight translation and interpretation in meetings, seminars and conferences.

Language Proofreading

Etqan Translation Co. provides language proofreading and language correction for all texts in all languages and fields. We focus on correcting and proofreading contents to read like the source file and deliver the accurate meaning

Research and Summarizing

Etqan Translation Co. assist researchers, students and companies in researching and summarizing any subjects and contents for companies and students as well as gathering information via internet and social media.

Data-Entry and Typing

Etqan Translation Co. provides data-entry and typing services for official documents using Microsoft Applications Word, Excel, Power Point.


Etqan Translation Co. provides Voice-Over Services in all languages and accents. This service includes T.V programs, YouTube videos, voice and phone messages, training sessions and websites etc.

Personal and Marketing Content Writing

Etqan Translation Co. provides content writing services for individuals, companies and offices. Theses services include writing a profound and attractive content writing for quotations, CVs, Portfolios, Proposals and Websites for individuals and companies.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Besides translation services, Etqan Translation Co. provides Desktop Publishing (DTP) services for all translations to ensure matching the translated text with the source text in terms of punctuation, form, content and colors professionally

App and Website Localization

Etqan Translation Co. provides localization services for Mobile App and websites by long-experiences translators with developing knowledge in all languages

Etqan Translation

we pay more attention to the quality of services we provide

Official and Government Documents

Etqan Translation Co. provides high—quality and professional certified translation for all study and graduation certificates, birth certificates, marriage and divorce contracts, salary certificates, medical certificates and government reports with in-depth experience in researching, writing, editing and translating diverse topics for governmental and official purposes.

Legal Documents and Contracts

Professional Translators in Etqan Translation Co. are fluent and with high-legal knowledge when translating from source into target languages at the mother-tongue level. We provide professional legal certified translation for individuals, companies and law firms in Kuwait, Gulf Area and Middle East. We are certified translation company with all courts in the State of Kuwait

Medical Translation

Etqan Translation Co. provides medical translation certified by the Ministry of Health in the State of Kuwait for all medical reports issued by all government and official bodies. Translation Team in Translista Translation Co. includes Translator Doctors, Translator Pharmacists and Translator Lab Technicians with long expertise in this field. They know well that medical terms and abbreviations needs profound research and editing

Etqan Translation

Seeking to serve its esteemed companies, financial institutions and law firms by providing them with high-quality and professional translation service on regular basis, Etqan Translation Co. launches special and exclusive translation offers under fixed-term contracts with lump-sum on annual basis for all companies and entities in all languages

Our team To ensure that your receive the highest quality, your translation project is professionally managed by

1- Translation Manager
2- Translators
3- Translation Consultants
4- Reviewers and Proofreaders
5- DTP Staff
6- Point of Delivery

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